Love makeup? Want to work for yourself?

Your in the right place!

Being a professional makeup artist is an incredible way to earn crazy amounts of money doing what you love! Not only that, your value of work is a lot higher. Meaning less hours working, more hours playing! Let's do some math... If you booked 2 clients a day at £40, thats £560 a week and £2240 a month!!! Only 20 hours of work a week?!

Don't waste your money!

Why everyone with their head screwed on is now enrolling onto online courses

It's the future. Unfortunately, Colleges and beauty schools are charging £1000's for old information, that takes years to complete. Even though you get a shiny qualification at the end of it, it doesn't mean ANYTHING in the real world when booking the big jobs. After all that you come out with lots of debt and no idea how to book the high paying jobs.

I'm glad your here

This is whats going to change your life.

You're in safe hands. I am going to wrap you up in a virtual cosy blanket and not let you go until...
  • You have a successful makeup business up and running

  • You have booked your first 10 clients

  • You have a fire social media content schedule built in place for your brand to keep growing

  • Your an expert makeup artist and you can apply makeup on any skin tone, skin type, with any brief!

  • You have a multi-use kit that keeps your costs low

After all that

You still won't be able to get rid of me!

Every student is a virtual family member. 1-1 calls, feedback and advice from a working pro is what you will continue to get after you spread your wings! (I'm loyal babe!) So, don't waste time. It's time to take action! Your dream life is waiting for you...


Take a peak...

  • 1


    • About Me And Your Course!

    • Makeup Artist Manual

    • The History Of Makeup

    • Makeup Artist Kit Essentials & Tips On How To Keep It Inexpensive

    • Makeup Brush Guide

    • How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes And Palettes

    • Health And Safety In Your Work Place

    • Client Consultation And Choosing A Look

    • How To Use A Face Chart

    • Face Chart Template

    • Free Client Consultation Checklist

    • Free Client Record Card Template

    • Makeup Artist Appearance And Preparation Of Your Work Room

    • Colour Theory

    • Health And Safety And Preparation Quiz

    • Introduction To Makeup Assignment

  • 2

    Skin Preperation

    • An Overview Of Skin Types

    • Dry Skin

    • Combination Skin

    • Oily Skin

    • Normal Skin

    • Mature Skin

    • Priming The Skin

    • Skincare Advice And Tips

    • Skin Preperation Quiz

    • Skin Preparation Assignment

  • 3

    Concealing, Colour Correction And Colour Matching

    • Finding The Perfect Foundation Shade

    • Colour Correction Theory

    • Concealing Imperfections

    • Concealing, Colour Correction And Colour Matching Quiz

    • Concealing, Colour Correction And Colour Matching Assignment

  • 4

    Highlight, Contour & Blush

    • Contouring

    • Highlighting

    • Setting Powder

    • Blush Powder

    • Bronzing powder

    • Highlight, Contour And Blush Quiz

    • Highlight, Contour And Blush Assignment

  • 5

    Shaping Eyebrows

    • Carving Out The Eyebrow

    • Different Types Of Eyebrows

    • Natural Eyebrow

    • Defined Dark Eyebrow Technique

    • Fluffy Eyebrow

    • Eyebrow Quiz

    • Eyebrow Assignment

  • 6

    Eyeshadow Styles

    • Eyeshadow Styles Terminology

    • Eyeshadow Colours On Clients

    • Halo Eyeshadow

    • Intense Dark Smokey Blend Eyeshadow

    • Eyeshadow Styles Quiz

    • Eyeshadow Styles Assignment

  • 7

    Type Of Eyeliner

    • The Different Types Of Eyeliner

    • The Perfect Wing Liner

    • Basic Smokey Eyeliner

    • Types Of Eye Liner Quiz

    • Types Of Eyeliner Assignment

  • 8

    False Lash Application And Mascara

    • Types Of False Lashes

    • Mascara Application

    • False Eyelash Application

    • Applying False Eyelashes On A Client

    • Conceal The Bottom Lash Line

    • False Lash Application And Mascara Application Quiz

    • False Eyelash & Mascara Application Assignment

  • 9

    Lips And Lip Liner

    • Lip Liner Application

    • Lipstick Application

    • Applying Red Lipstick On A Client

    • Lips And Lip Liner Quiz

    • Lips And Lip Liner Assignment

  • 10

    Day To Night Makeup On A Client

    • Natural Makeup From Start To Finish - Working on a client

    • Day To Night, Basic Smokey Eye Makeup - Working on a client

    • Day To Night Makeup Assignment

  • 11

    Popular Makeup Looks For Clients

    • TV Makeup - Matte Finish

    • Soft Glam Makeup Look, Half Lash, Ombre Eyeshadow - Satin Finish/Semi-Matte

    • Full Glam Makeup Look, Full Cut Crease, Playing With Colour - Dewy Finish

    • Popular Makeup Looks Assignment

  • 12

    Bridal Makeup

    • Bridal Trial

    • Free Bridal Consultation Form Template

    • Applying Bridal Makeup From Start To Finish - Half Cut Crease

    • Airbrushing Tips And Long Lasting Tricks

    • Bridal Makeup Assignment

  • 13

    Mature Skin Makeup

    • Applying Natural Makeup On Mature Skin

    • Day To Night On Mature Skin

    • Mature Makeup Assignment

  • 14

    Halloween Makeup

    • Vampire Makeup

    • Basic Clown Makeup On A Male Client

    • SFX Makeup Tutorial

    • Half Skull Makeup [BONUS]

    • Halloween Makeup Assignment

  • 15

    Editorial Photoshoot Makeup

    • Colourful Editorial

    • Editorial Photoshoot Assignment

  • 16


    • Discover your brand!

    • [NEW] The Graphic Design Class

  • 17


    • Buy My Kit!

    • Finding Makeup Inspiration And Getting Creative

    • How To Build A Professional Portfolio

    • How To Correct Makeup And The Most Common Mistakes Artists Make

    • How To Remove Makeup And Eyelashes

    • Legal Requirements To Start Your Business

    • Getting New Clients

    • Free Template Of A Price List

    • [NEW] How To Break Into The Photoshoot Industry

    • [NEW] Keeping Costs Low And Profit High With PRO CARDS

  • 18


    • Building A Website

    • Build Your Website!

    • Bulding A Facebook Page

    • Building An Instagram Page

    • Taking Photographs For Social Media Content

    • Editing Makeup Photos

    • [NEW] Facebook Ad Training - More Clients Trick!

  • 19


    • INSTA Bible

    • 30-Day Content Challenge!


    • [LIVE] Photo Editing Masterclass - Part 1

    • [LIVE] Photo Editing Masterclass - Part 2

    • [LIVE] REELS Masterclass - Part 1

    • [LIVE] REELS Masterclass - Part 2

    • [NEW] Connecting With Content!

    • [NEW] Content Creation

    • [NEW] Knowing Your Value!

    • [NEW] Hashtag Rules

  • 20





If you join today you will get...

  • Makeup Business + Branding

    Get individual advice on how to grow their business branding online. Social media is our best friend and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will get you beating the algorithms and getting 1000's of followers! I update the course every week so your guaranteed to keep up with the trends. No other makeup course teaches you stuff like this!

  • Personal Mentorship

    If you purchase the course today you will be entitled to a free 1-1 call every week. I value my students and I want to help you every step of the way! I know exactly how hard it is to start a business from scratch on your own. But, it doesn't have to be that way!

  • Support group

    Be part of the community support group where artists support artists. Meet aspiring makeup artists like you, access live tutorials lead by me and enter makeup competitions with some amazing prizes!